Mono Orifice™

Recognizing contemporary trends in technology, the Mono-Orifice™ applies functional aggregation to human physiology. Just as smart phones and personal devices have combined multiple utilities within a single product for the sake of convenience and efficiency, the Mono-Orifice™ attempts to simplify the body’s input and output functions. Foregoing the body’s specialized sensory responses—sight, hearing, smell, taste—along with ingestion, excretion, respiration, and perspiration—this device aggregates these individual functions within a single face-mounted system.

The Mono-Orifice™ facilitates easy repair, replacement, and upgradability, as it is a fully-modular system. Rather than requiring the services of an ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist, or other doctors and specialists, the device can be serviced by a single trained technician. The initial installation can be performed in an out-patient Mono-Orifice™ clinic, or may be performed in the comfort of one’s home, using the unit sold on the SYN (Stuff You Need) infomercial network. Whether performed professionally or on one’s own, each unit comes with a complimentary maintenance kit.

The Mono-Orifice™ project was initially incubated during the Deep Time design jam in September 2016. Currently, the project is being developed as a quasi-plausible product that will be modelled and 3D printed as a speculative product. The Mono-Orifice™ questions the rhetoric and promise of progress that has been a dominant cultural narrative since the Industrial Revolution. Reflecting on the effects of technology on our social and physical bodies, this project presents a frighteningly dystopian vision of a future led by unbridled scientific experimentation.